Think On! Limited is a business accelerator that builds outstanding ideas into sustainable businesses.

We build an infrastructure around every business idea we take on and work through the Think On! program to achieve a market ready product ready to go!

Investors Flow Chart


We accept that not every inventor has the correct skill set to run a business- in fact in more cases then not, inventors come up with outstanding ideas (And lots of them!) but don’t know how to manage them.

Likewise, many young entrepreneurs have the business know-how, the drive and are biting at the heel ready to go- but don’t have the ‘million dollar business idea’. A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN, HUH?
Combine those dynamics with experience, contacts and knowledge that an investor can offer, you have the perfect business environment for success!

And there you have it, the Think On formula!

Meet the Think On! Team

Vincent Middleton- Chairman
Vince has over 20 years’ experience of working in the engineering sector at Director Level acquiring vast amounts of contacts, knowledge and experience. It has always been his passion to invest in innovation, idea generation and business incubation to stimulate economic growth and business development.

His aim for Think On! is to create multiple sustainable businesses created around innovation and entrepreneurship to create wealth, jobs and an excellent reputation for the Sheffield region.

Sean Maloney- Managing Director
Sean has recently graduated in Business Management and Innovation and has experience of working in engineering and sales sectors at management level. Sean’s focus is placed upon giving young entrepreneurs opportunities to create jobs for themselves and others by working in co-operation with the Sheffield Universities to encourage students to lead projects, undertake research and gain experience with Think On!

His aim for Think On! is for it to become the UK’s leading business incubator program with exemplary ethics and products.

Vision: To spark and lead a product revolution

MISSION: To secure a prosperous future through innovation, business acumen and revolutionary products whilst maintaining high standards and integrity.

Supporter of Made in Sheffield

The Think On! Process

At Think On! we develop the products from the initial ideas stage right through to gaining protection, prototyping and marketing. We get the concepts to point of reality in which they can be marketed providing we secure finance.

Below is a step by step guide of how we do this:

Filter out concepts with great potential:
With our own concepts and outside applications, we filter out the concepts that have real commercial value. We make sure we understand the concept, its physical attributes, its emotional attributes, regulatory requirements and its manufacturing concept.
Product assessment:
Following the filtering, we hold brainstorming sessions to assess how we could improve the product and whether there are other markets for the product to be exploited- maybe using the same principal in a different product with a different market.
Market analysis:
We do an in-depth market search to finalise the market, its scale, the risks, competition, opportunities, customer demographics, seasonality and the correct marketing mix for the product. We also search for evidence to prove the market will take our new proposal.
Protection search:
We run rigorous IP searches to make sure that the proposal is truly unique and protectable.
Negotiate a deal over IP rights:
We set up a series of meetings with outside inventors (if the invention is owned by an outside source) to secure a deal on the IP Rights. Think On! Limited will take a stake in the new formed business.
Business planning and creation:
For each concept, we create a new business for investment purposes and branding. This way, each concept has its own identity within the Think On! Group. Each new formed business will have its own plan that will be reviewed every month to check that we are hitting targets set out in the plan. Think On! will take a stake in the new business that is formed.
Secure finance:
At this stage, we search for investment with a solid concept and pitch. We ask for small amounts of investment for reasonable stakes in the business due to the risk involved to the investor. It is a new approach to investment with the concept being so undeveloped, but this allows for investors to take fair stakes in ideas for little investment in comparison to that of established businesses. If proven successful, then returns on the investments are inevitable. We look at an average figure of around £25,000 per idea to present it to the market.
We look to protect the idea to make sure that no other company can infringe on the new business.
Once the protection applications have been filed, we look to design and model the product. This is a lengthy stage when we finalise the design and try varieties of the product.
Prototype- We then prototype and test the product for physical use to make sure that the product functions correctly.
We test the product across the targeted demographic making adjustments if necessary.
Manufacture- Once the product has been designed and prototyped, we set about manufacturing the product HERE IN THE UK!
We market the product ready to make returns on investments everyone shares the success!

So if you believe that Think On! is a great partner for you, get in touch!

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