Think On! is an extremely good opportunity for all levels of investment.

At present, we have a variety of different projects covering a range of sectors including toys & games, sporting goods, healthcare and engineering.

We give investors two options for financing projects:

Option A is that you fund Think On! and use Think On! as a vehicle to essentially spread bet capital across a range of projects in a diverse range of markets. We recognise that investing in new ideas in new markets is very risky and recognise the need for risk reduction (Remember: Fortune favours the brave!).

You pick the projects that you want funding (we look at around £25,000 per project) and you can focus more capital in projects that you believe will succeed. A great advantage is that if the products fail at any of the stages i.e. we encounter design issues, IP failure etc. we can shut the idea down and either withdraw or roll the money over into the other projects chosen. This way, when an idea folds, minimum capital is lost!

Investors Flow Chart


Option B is simply hand picking individual projects that may align with your experience or contacts you hold. It might be that you are looking for a certain high growth market you are looking to exploit just without the product idea.

If so, get in touch with the Think On! team.

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